Monday, June 22, 2009

dear McDonald's drive-thru attendant

When I ask for a "grilled chicken wrap minus the dressing" that does not mean to also omit the cheese and lettuce, or to give me the breaded chicken wrap (double yuck)

When I ask for a "cheeseburger minus pickles and onions" that does not mean to also omit the ketchup and mustard.

When I ask for a small Sprite that doesn't mean that you should give me orange. The same goes for my Coke. When I ask for a Coke, that doesn't mean diet, or tea, or Dr. Pepper, or any other drinks you may have in your reach.

And when ordering said drinks, I would request that you give me a straw so that I may actually drink them instead of having to go through the drive-thru line twice (as opposed to dragging two cranky kids in to get the straws)

When giving me my order, the proper response would be "thank you" or "have a nice day". It is considered rude to shove my food at me without any response whatsoever. It's not my fault if you're having a bad day, or your parents didn't teach you any manners, or you hate your job. I'm just there to get some food and, unlike you, I've been polite and said "thank you".

Whew. I feel better now. Oh, and have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

I don't think McDonalds has straws anymore. At least I haven't received one the last few times we've been there. And where are the napkins to clean the spills they make when they pull the lids off to drink? Go to Zaxby's, they never forget anything. Should I say never?????? Don't disapoint me Zaxby's!!!!
Kellie D

Carol said...

Wendy's is just as bad! Every time (and I do mean EVERY TIME)I go there they screw up my order. :(

Tami said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like our local McDonalds!! I love your burger cupcakes, by the way. I saw those on bakerella, too, but didn't get around to making them this year. Yours turned out great!

Rachel S

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