Friday, May 1, 2009

getting ready for NSD

Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day! And I know those of you who aren't into scrapbooking, well, it'll just be a regular 'ol Saturday. But to us scrappers, it's a day to get together with our friends and scrap the day away!

I'm having a crop at my house with some friends so I've been working on a few goodies for them :)

Sorry, can't share more. Cause the girls read my blog and I don't want them to see til tomorrow!

Anyone else have any fun plans for NSD??


Carol said...

Thanks for everythng, Michelle! I had such a good time, as always. We need to make a day a month to scrap.

Virginia said...

Ahem. You've been preparing for NSD for several days now. Inquiring minds want to know what you created. ;) hehe

Virginia said...

p.s. read "inquiring minds" here as "nosy stalkery type blog readers"

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