Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a thing of beauty

We bought a new computer....finally! I know, it seems silly to get this excited over a computer. But, keep in mind, the computer it replaced was 7 1/2 yrs old. Yes, I said SEVEN years old. This was a long time coming. And truthfully, we didn't really need a new one until about a year ago. Because our old one did it's job. But lately it's become very slow, even with upgraded memory. And I couldn't run programs that I wanted (like Photoshop). We didn't get the top of the line one, nor the one at the bottom. It's a middle of the road computer and that's perfectly fine with me.

I thought the guy at the store was going to fall over when we told him how old our computer was! He said "well, you've definitely gotten your money's worth out of that one!" Yes we have, that's for sure. Oh, and a bonus was that it came with an all-in-one printer. Can't wait to try that bad boy out! Cause my photo printer has about used up it's life. I think it's about 4 1/2 yrs old. Oh yeah, we run our electronics into the ground. None of that buy the latest and greatest every year for us!

The true test was today when I had to download pictures along with bunch of videos I took at soccer last night. About 50 videos to be exact. And some of the files were pretty big. And it downloaded in about a minute. YES! I don't even want to think about how long that would've taken on the other one. I'm still trying to get used to Windows Vista. There's a lot that I like about it, a few things I don't. For the most part it's pretty cool.

So I've been spending my time trying to transfer stuff over from the old computer. I have a LOT of pictures. And I have a flash drive but it only holds 2G. And each year's worth of pictures is about 3-4G. Yep, lots of transferring going on here. Not fun :(

Anyway, enough about that. I'm gonna share some NSD pics but I'll do that in a different post cause this one's getting long. Oh, and by the way, the baby birds are gone...

That's one of the babies hanging out the side. They got big fast!! I miss seeing momma fly up there and feed them. But maybe they'll be back next year!

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Loreluca said...

Oh! I saw the other day a birdie coming to our yard, picking up twigs for her nest! I haven't even thought about them anymore, thanks for the reminder... I will have to go out and check it out!

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