Sunday, April 5, 2009

spring flowers & soccer games

That's what our weekend consisted of. We had the first 2 soccer games on Saturday. Ben was a bit timid which was strange since he was such a go-getter at practice. I think he just needs to get used to the whole "game" setting and he'll be fine. Olivia on the other hand was all over getting the ball and scored a goal!

After lunch we checked out an antiques store. They had a lot of cool stuff but not what I was looking for. Then we stopped for ice cream, came home and planted some flowers. Ben and I picked these up the other day

Let's see, we got a few zinnias, lithodora, and lambs ear among others. Ben loves picking out pretty flowers for his momma ;) He successfully fulfills that job every year!

I also wanted to do something with this area

Talk about boring! I wanted to make the border smaller and add some stones. So the kids and I went searching around the edge of the woods for rocks and stones. I knew we had a bunch from when they built our house (cause they're not gonna clean that stuff up, ya know).

So this is what we ended up with

Recycling at it's best! And it didn't cost me anything. Even better. I'm going to fill in to the left with some grass seed. And in with that shrub I'm going to plant some lambs ear later this week (cause I know that'll spread a lot and fill in that space). I have to wait cause we're supposed to get a frost on Monday and Tuesday.

We also moved this wooden bench out in front of the house

It used to be a glider rocker but my wonderful movers {insert sarcasm here} stored it on it's side and broke it. So we took the glider part off and made it a regular bench. Oh, did I mention my father in law made this chair as a birthday gift for my hubby about 7 years ago? *sigh*

I'll leave you with one more shot of our outdoor fun yesterday.

It's a wet and rainy Sunday so I'm off to do some scrappin' :)

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