Thursday, April 2, 2009

the happenings around here...

let's see, what's been going on here?

The kids are finally over the flu, gunk, whatever was plaguing this house for a week and a half. Now all that's left is some leftover coughs in the middle of the night. So much better than it was before! Of course, then the dog decided to puke on the floor at 3 in the morning the other night. If I'm not cleaning it up from one of the kids it's the dogs!! Geez...

Monday I broke my toe, ran into the doorway. I'm *such* a clutz when it comes to that! (you may or may not remember that I broke my big toe in 2 places last summer). This time I wacked the little guy (or girl?) next to my pinky toe. It's a lovely shade of red & purple right now :)

I got a new toy
I didn't really want to get it. Well, let me rephrase that...I didn't really want to spend the money on that right now. My camera is about 4 1/2 yrs old and I needed a new one. But I was holding off til I saved some more money. Then the other day....I grabbed my purse off the kitchen counter and caught my camera with it, dropped it on the tile floor (it's never good to drop things on a tile floor!) and it finally said "that's it!! I've had enough!!" I should also say that this is about the 20th time I've dropped this poor camera. And it lasted through all that. I think I must have dropped it about 6-7 times at our Disney trip in '07 ~ on the concrete. And every time I kept thinking I'd need to take a quick trip to the nearest Target to get a new camera in the middle of our trip!

So anyway, since this is the kind of camera I had before and I liked it (and knew how to use it) I just got the same one again. Of course, this one has a few more options than my last one. Cause, like I said, my other one was 4 1/2 yrs old. And even better, this camera was the 2nd cheapest one at the store. Always a bonus.

Now, I would really love to get one of these
or one that's similar. But....that's just window shopping for now :) More important things to spend money on right tires and brakes for both our vehicles. Ugh...I really hate spending money on stuff like that. There's just no satisfaction in that, is there??

The kids have their first soccer game on Saturday. I'm really happy to see how well they're playing so far. Ben is really into it and his leg doesn't really seem to bother him. His endurance still isn't up where it used to be before he broke his leg but I imagine it will be by the end of the season (I hope). Olivia is having a lot of fun, too. She's getting a more "go getter" attitude rather than being afraid of the ball which makes me smile. She's sometimes shy in unfamiliar situations (like her momma). She scored 2 goals last practice and Ben scored one, too. You know I'll be the mom on the sidelines with the camera and camcorder rolling :)

Spring break is next week. SO looking forward to that. We're not going anywhere (see aforementioned need for tires and brakes!). So we're going to hang out and maybe go to the movies, take a day trip to Callaway Gardens, go bowling, maybe plant some flowers, fun "hanging around town" stuff. And I've already started "the list" for stuff I need to get done around the house. My laundry room is in desperate need of cleaning/reorganizing as well as all the closets in the house. I have stuff hanging in my closet from my pre-children days that are never going to fit again no matter how much weight I lose! Gotta get them outta there!!

Ok, sorry about the total rambling post here guys!!! It's rainy out, the kind of day you just sit around and don't do much! I was going to exercise but I've quickly lost my motivation. I may get some scrappin' done. I haven't done anything in about a week and I'm itching to do some things! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and get a bit more sunny so I can take some pics!


lauriec said...

Hunter brought home a Nikon D40 when he returned from deployment---it is a great camera & easy to use. I love it!

Brooke said...

My son had a football game today... and I was the mom with the camcorder and camera both going - is that bad? ;)

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