Thursday, April 23, 2009

nature at it's best

Check out the little baby birdies in our nest

I find that just amazing when they looked like this just 3-4 days ago! Simply amazing. I'm guessing those other 2 eggs just aren't gonna hatch. We had some really cold (like near freezing temps) when momma bird was sitting on these eggs so I wonder if that had something to do with it.

And check out this dude who found the bird seed
yep, one of his cousins was responsible for wrecking the bird feeder last year. So this year I made sure to get a feeder that was on a thick wire instead of string. Ya know, so they can't chew through the string and send the feeder plummeting to the ground where all of the seed scatters.

We had a ton of problems with squirrels when we lived in Michigan. And since we live in the woods here, they're back. But not too bad. So far not as destructive as they were in our other house. I'm talking chewed through the wood on our house to get in the attic destructive. So all of you out there that think it's cute to feed squirrels...think again! They're cute but they're stinkers!!

As a side note, yes I am addicted to nature lately. I love spring, love to see all the new, pretty flowers, love to hear the birds singing a happier tune, love it all!! And since we've actually had a real spring here in southern GA (instead of going from 50 to 90 degree temps in a week!) I've been loving it all!

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