Wednesday, March 4, 2009

why did I stay up for that?

Yep, I stayed up for the ATFR part 2. Why? I don't know. Glutton for punishment I suppose. They didn't say anything new, no new revelations. I already pretty much knew what they were going to show from Reality Steve. They spent half the hour showing clips. Clips, by the way, that we just saw the night before. BORing. I get it that he screwed up. But for once it would be nice to hear him say that. Rather than "I hate that I had to hurt her BUT I had to follow my heart"

Yeah, whatever.

And whether or not Jason or Molly were in on the whole "shocking end" we'll never know.

And even though Jillian, who I really like, is going to be the next Bachelorette, I probably won't watch. This whole scam, I mean show, has really just lost the appeal for me. So I'll stick to Supernatural, and Smallville, and maybe that new Castle show next week. I still love Survivor but that's more for the challenges. Those are always fun to watch.

On to better stuff...

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