Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what a letdown...

4 words

The Bachelor finale sucked

Sorry, but there's just no better words for it. I mean, the actual finale was good. Melissa's reaction was just priceless. I loved it!!! Oh, and the whole Deanna thing, can you say "set up"??? I mean, come on. It takes like a whole day to fly to New Zealand. And I'm sure she didn't get there on her own dime. The show couldn't have given him a heads up?? And then her half-hearted attempt to get him back?? So lame.

But the whole "After the final rose" part was just awful to watch. First of all, you don't break up with someone on national tv. He couldn't have given her a heads up ahead of time?? And for him to say he fell in love with 2 people, quite honestly, I think is kind of a crock. I'm not saying that it's not possible, but I mean, if he truly loved both of them, he wouldn't want to let Melissa go so easily. And if he loved Molly that much, then why didn't he propose to her?? Melissa has to be feeling quite humiliated at this point. Wouldn't you?? Yep, not a fan of Jason anymore. There's nothing more unattractive than a guy who's so wishy-washy and doesn't know what he wants. And it makes you wonder if part of this was set up. I couldn't quite tell. I know there's been rumors that the show put him up to this. And if he did that then he's an even bigger shmuck.

And there's another "After the final rose" tonight?

Part 2??

What else could have happened??

Didn't that one just happen?

Maybe Molly and Jason are engaged. Who knows.

Even my husband was disgusted the last hour. Even he was surprised that that happened. I don't think I'm gonna watch this show anymore. I've kinda lost interest.

Boy what a letdown.

I think I'll stick with my fantasy world. Edward would never do that :)

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Virginia said...

I am SO with you on this.

I think tonight's "After the Rose- Part 1 Million" is going to show Jason confessing his true love for Chris Harrison... that's what his heart is telling him to do. ;)

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