Sunday, March 1, 2009


The spring cleaning that I started on Saturday had to be put on hold because today it snowed!!

in southern Georgia

and I'm talking "real" snow, not just flurries!

They said it would snow on the news. But to be quite honest I didn't believe them. But then as we were getting ready for church the rain started to turn to snow. And as we drove to church the snow got a little thicker. And as we sat in church we saw big snowflakes coming down. And it stayed like that for a good part of the afternoon.

The kids were SOOOO excited!!! We immediately went out to play in it when we got home from church (cause you never know how long it's gonna last). Then we came in, had hot chocolate and some lunch, then went back out in it and there was even more snow. So we made a big snowman. And of course, my husband being the goofball that he is made the snowman a girl. Ahem...the kids are around honey!!

Olivia made snow angels. Ben threw snowballs at everyone. Daddy threw a snowball right at my face and nearly blinded me!! Jesse (the dog) kept catching snowballs that were thrown at her. It was great fun. We don't take the snow for granted cause you just don't see it like this in the south. And tomorrow it'll be gone. And I think by Saturday it's supposed to be 74. Yep, that's the south for ya...I mean ya'll!!

Here's some more pictures of our fun day :)

This is when it first started...

Jesse getting ready to catch a snowball

(notice the snowball in her mouth!)

And after it had snowed for a couple hours...

And, of course, our pitiful looking snowmen! Olivia and Ben helped with the first one :)

By the time we got all the snow on him our hands were too cold to finish! He was a decent size snowman, almost as tall as me. But that's what happens when you're not prepared for snow in the south! has already been canceled for tomorrow which means we get to sleep in {{big smile}} I always crack up at how easily school/businesses are canceled in the south due to snow/ice/bad weather. I mean, I know we don't have the resources to deal with ice and snow. And it's supposed to get near freezing tonight making for icy conditions in the morning. But it's still funny. School would never get canceled for this little bit of snow in Michigan! But hey, I'll take the extra day off any day!!


Tami said...

Great picture Michelle!! You all look like you had a blast.

I wish we would get some snow here... we haven't gotten very much this year.

Carol said...

Love the snowman! We made one also ~ and much to my surprise, he's still there this morning!! I can't wait to scrap the pics I took yesterday!!!

lovingmytwoboys said...

So not fair, we didn't get a snow day! Ours started melting about 2pm! Yet another reason why we should live in GA! :)

lauriec said...

A friend of mine from home laughed when I told her they canceled school for 3 1/2" that had pretty much melted away. It was a rarity to get a snow day in VT when I was little!

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