Friday, February 27, 2009

some Disney love :)

Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I *love* Disneyworld! And I'm sure my friends can't stand to be around me a month before I take a trip there (ok, maybe 3 months before my trip!) because it's all I can think about. We make countdown calendars, read our travel book about 100 times a day, watch past Disney trip videos, plan our meals and everywhere we want to go.

My daughter's first trip 5 years ago was also my first trip. I was 7 mos pregnant with Ben, and it was a somewhat last minute trip. We had only decided just a couple months earlier to go as a fun trip for the 3 of us to do before baby #2 came. By the way, the security guard at MGM claimed to be able to look at a pregnant woman's hand and decide if she was having a boy or girl. Well, he looked at my hand and guessed I was having a girl. Guess Earl was wrong! (yes, I remember his name!) One of my favorite memories was Olivia's 2nd trip, she was almost 4 yrs old, and she literally screamed every single time she saw a character. It didn't matter if it was the 5th time she'd seen Mickey Mouse, she still screamed her head off in excitement! My favorite memory of Ben and this last trip in '07 was when Snow White kissed him on the forehead and he didn't want me to wash it off!

Our last trip was probably the best trip in many ways. Olivia was still young enough to believe in all the magic. Ben was old enough to not be freaked out by the characters like last time (that year we had lots of video of Olivia smiling with characters and Ben screaming in the background!) It was Christmastime so there was SO much for us to see. We saw tons of characters including character meals almost every day.

I love the magic of Disney. I love walking down Main Street in Magic Kingdom and seeing the castle for the first time. I love hearing the excitement and pure joy in my kids' voices at anything and everything in the parks. I can't wait to go again. As soon as I leave I want to start planning my next trip!

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3QTGUYS said...

Oh michelle, you should join the Disney Vacation Club! I am a huge fan!

We love it too......I got excited just reading you talk about walking down Main Street!

I feel it! I feel it!

I love the layouts!

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