Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh the funny things they say...

When I took my daughter to school this morning, her teacher handed me her journal (they write in a journal everyday about a topic given by the teacher) with a smile on her face that let me know Olivia wrote about something funny and most likely embarrassing.

(by the way, my daughter is in 1st grade)

The journal topic was about our snow day earlier this week.

Olivia wrote about how daddy hit her in the face with a snowball.

Ok, not too bad I guess.

Then she wrote about the big snowman daddy made.

Good, good.

Then she wrote about how daddy made the snowman a "girl" snowman and, in her words, "then he took it a little too far".


No secret is safe in this house. Yep, they tell ALL. It was funny, though. At least she didn't say (or write ~ eek!) "my daddy gave the snowman boobs" Yep, that would've been bad. Thankfully her brain has some sort of filter.

It was joke between me and my husband and I guess I was laughing too hard and that's when Olivia came over to see what I was laughing about. Unfortunately daddy couldn't knock the evidence off the snowman before she saw! Hopefully ya'll don't think us horrible parents :)

Back to the G-rated stuff...


Tami said...

That is funny!! Sounds like something my husband would have done too.

Aidan said...

ha ha ha!! I love it!
BTW, thanks for checking up on us while Maeve was in the hospital. I really appreciate it!!

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