Friday, March 6, 2009

locks of love

Well, yesterday Olivia finally did it. She had 10" of her beautiful mane chopped off for locks of love. She decided to do this about 6 mos ago. She needed a haircut and I suggested that wouldn't it be great to donate her hair. At first she was a bit reluctant cause I think she thought she would have to cut ALL of her hair off! But then I showed her the website and explained to her why these children need wigs, why these particular wigs are so special and she was all for it from then on. And even her pediatrician told her that she had 2 patients that had wigs from LOL. But we had to wait til her hair was long enough so that cutting 10" off wouldn't make her have a crew cut!

Here's some pics from the big day... (it was so hard to watch her cut that much hair off!)

Say bye-bye to the long hair!

Can you tell she was a good sport about the whole thing?? Actually, she was very excited!

And here's the big before & after (thanks Tami for putting this pic together for me :) )

Whew, that's a lot of hair gone!! And, of course, we had to get a cute pink headband to go with the new hairdo! But I hope some little girl will love Olivia's curls!


Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how long it was! I am positive some little girl will be thrilled with Olivia's donation! What a proud moment (for mommy and daughter). :)

lauriec said...

What an incredibly sweet gesture for someone so young! Whoever gets Olivia's hair will be very lucky--she's got beautiful hair, like her mama!

lovingmytwoboys said...

She looks too cute! Ethan said- "ooh she looks soo pretty!" That is a great thing for Olivia to do. It's so awesome when they do things like that at such a young age and understand why and Lent is a great time to do it! :)

whattheharry said...

What an awesome thing for her to do! And she looks beautiful with the shorter hair!

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