Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Molly didn't go home?? (from The Bachelor for those of you that aren't obsessed!) Totally didn't see that one coming, especially after the overnight dates. I thought Jillian was for sure going to the last step. I bet she thought so, too. Man, that was just cruel!! I just don't see it with Molly. Do you?? Nope, I'm betting on Melissa.

Oh, and as if I didn't need any more shows to be addicted to, the new season of Survivor started last week. Boy that Sandi is a hoot, isn't she?? Can't believe they didn't send her home. But I've stopped trying to figure out why people do what they do on that show. I just love watching the challenges more than anything on that show.

Aside from tv, I've finished reading all 4 books from the Twilight series. I'm *totally* addicted. My husband doesn't get it. I think I'd get less crap from him if I started drinking!! lol

Nothing scrappy to share in this post. In a funk. Can't get out. Maybe cause the kids were a bit sick over the weekend and they've been home yesterday and today for winter break. I've just felt so tired the last few days. Tomorrow is back to "normal" for the most part. Plus, my scrap room is a mess so that just adds to the "non-inspired" feeling. Gotta fix that...soon!


3QTGUYS said...

I vote for Melissa too!

And, I wish you could come do the 7 gypsies class at Scrap ETC with us!

I am sure that would get you out of your funk!!!

3QTGUYS said...

So excited that you are gonna be in the class! That is awesome! We are gonna have fun!

There is a post on the forum for bringing snacks, etc!

laura vegas said...

i knew jillian was going to go ... even though i really liked her. i think melissa might win. but i think i'm rooting for molly ... i think she's a great girl!

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