Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So I finally got the see the movie (more than once) over the weekend. I had to wait for it to hit the dollar flick since I didn't see it when it first came out. When it came out in November it was the week after my son broke his leg so I was otherwise preoccupied. Plus, I hadn't read the book yet and from what I'd heard it was better that way. I totally agree. Because without reading the book first, you don't realize stuff (like Edward's ability) til almost halfway in. It's better if you know this stuff from the get-go!

I liked Charlie more than I thought I would. From the previews I didn't think I'd like him but then he turned out to be perfect for the role. Billy Black cracked me up. Emmett, well, what can you say about Emmett?? All of the Cullin's I thought were perfect for their roles. Especially Edward ;)

Loved the baseball scene

Loved the scene at the Cullin's house

Loved the Port Angeles scene

Loved the fight scene at the end

The only thing I didn't really like was how the scene unfolded in the forest between Edward and Bella. It seemed good at first, then a little disjointed.

Other than that, I loved it. Yes, I will be getting the DVD. Yes, I will be buying the tickets for New Moon as soon as they go on sale! I'm super excited to see how they will bring Jacob's character (and his tribe) to life on the big screen. Should be interesting. And the Volturi?? Hmmm... Don't know what I'm talking about?? Read the books!!!! They're all great.

I was bummed to hear that Stephenie Meyer (the author) was writing a book from the perspective of Edward, but someone distributed a rough draft on the internet and now the project has been put on hold "indefinitely". How great would that book be??!! I read it on her website and I really hope she changes her mind!


Virginia said...

I just got your comment on my blog! No way! I'm super excited! Can't wait to see you on Friday!

Therese said...

Love the use of white space on our layouts.

Loreluca said...

I sooo couldn't get into reading this! my son and my neighbors have been insisting... maybe I'll give in one of these days!

klmoore23 said...

Hi Michelle,
Stumbled upon your blog today looking for some scrapbooking inspiration. Just wondering if I could contact you with some q's about your blogspot? Is there anyway to get your email address?

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