Monday, January 26, 2009

not much happenin' here

This is where I got to spend some time yesterday

Ben woke up around midnight Sat night/Sun morning saying his ear hurt. He was up off and on all night and by 6am he had a raging fever. So I waited til the pediatrics after hours opened at 1pm and when I got there the waiting room was already full. *sigh* But thankfully we were in and out withing 45 minutes. Turned out he had one *major* ear infection. The dr let me look in his ear. Ewww... So weird cause the day before there were *no* symptoms. And my kids are not ear infection kids. The flu, colds, viruses ~ yes. But not ear stuff.

Anyway, getting the prescription took just as long as the office visit. But today he's already feeling better. AND, today we also had an appt with the orthopedist and got the all clear for Ben to do sports, gymnastics, whatever. His x-rays looked great, so much better than just 4 weeks ago. YEY!!!

Today the hubster had to fix my shelves that hold all of my patterned paper & cardstock

I guess they were too heavy and the little brackets fell right out and my paper holders came a tumblin' down. Is that a sign that I have too much paper?? Nahhh!! Actually, I've been very good about not buying much of anything. I'm determined to use up what I have before getting anything new....namely, my *huge* reserves of patterned paper. I know I have a problem. I'm in a 12 step program.


Anyway, hopefully these little braces will hold up

Although my installer said that there is no warranty with these ;-) Hmmm, gonna have to get another handyman!! lol

The rest of my albums came today (needed 3 more) so I'm gonna finish up my album reorganizing project and hopefully get my dining room table back to normal!

Oh, and have you heard the new Darius Rucker song?? LOVE it! It's the last song on my playlist, just scroll down and click on it. You have to pay attention to the words :)

One last thing, with all of my cleaning and organizing I've come across some things that I just don't need. So be on the lookout in the next week for a giveaway!


Carol said...

Yea Ben!!! Glad things are getting back to normal at your house. You know I'll be watching out for a giveaway, too!! :)

Tami said...

Glad Ben is given the all clear!! Sorry to hear about his ear, poor kid. It's amazing how fast ear infections can develop.

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