Monday, January 26, 2009

Why you don't watch The Bachelor with your husband

...because you'll hear comments like these

Ok, she's just a stalker

Are we gonna be able to hear them slurping in the tent?

They haven't even kissed yet?

Now, which one was the one with the nice rack?

Hubby: When's the bathing suit competition?
Me: Oh, he already saw them in their bathing suits on the first episode
Hubby: But I didn't get to see it!

Yeah, that's what every guys wants, is to be told what to do.

She needs to go home.

When do I get to sign up for The Bachelor?

She's a NUT!

Ok, that dress is awful! It's so frumpy looking.
He stayed up and watched the whole thing, all 2 hours of the show. He's gotta get some credit for that! Yep, I love your comments sweetie. They always crack me up!!

A good episode this week. Now that we've weeded out all the loopy girls it should get pretty interesting!


Shauna said...

Haha!! My hubby also made comment #1 on your list!! Your list is hilarious!

lisa dickinson said...

hee hee that "rack" comment is totally something that would've been heard in our house. :P

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