Saturday, January 24, 2009

chicken soup weather

It's dreary out. No sun. The hubby's sick. Yep, it's chicken soup weather! I have chicken soup simmering on the stove (homemade of course!). And after, we're gonna make some treats in my daughter's Easy Bake oven. Mmmmm!!

Last weekend I worked on reorganizing my scrapbook pages into new albums. You may (or may not) remember quite a while back (like about 9 mos ago) I bought some new Making Memories albums from These are what they look like:
Now, I *really* like these albums. But at $30 a pop that's just not in the budget. I like the Making Memories albums because they're leather, have a nice stitching around the edge, and the price is very nice ($12 each plus free shipping on I changed over all of our family albums to the chocolate, my daughter's albums are meadow and my son's are navy. All matchy matchy!

I added the Snaploads to each album so I wouldn't have to mess with the posts (such a pain!). I found them on sale at Joann's this week for $3 each. I really would prefer the D-ring albums but I couldn't find any I really liked that were in the price I could afford (I had to buy10 albums).

I may at some point get a few of the red for family history albums, layouts of my hubby and me as kids, etc but I haven't gotten that far yet. And one other side note, I found that the Paper Studio page refills at Hobby Lobby fit my albums perfectly and they're $10 for 25. Or, if you're like me, you buy them when they're on sale like last week. I got them for $5 a pack!

By the way, you can find D-ring albums that are in a lower price range. But none of them are the nice leather (that I've found anyway). I knew I didn't want corduroy, linen or any similar material like that because my albums are used. My kids are always looking through them (which is exactly how I like it) so they need to hold up. I've found that the material albums tend to get marks on them...or crayon, marker, you name it!

So I started with arranging the layouts in piles by year. Then I took out the layouts that needed to go in my kids' albums (previously everything was in the family albums).

Don't you just love a big stack of layouts?? Makes me feel like I've accomplished a lot! That is, til I start putting them in the albums and realize there's months with no layouts. *sigh*

I put my layouts in chronological order, each album is a full year. And as I was going through my albums I came across some layouts that just made me laugh. Not cause the photos were funny, but I laughed at the layouts themselves. Boy, I sure have come a long way in the last 7 years!! Maybe I'll share some of those with you guys. Hey, I betcha you'd laugh just as hard at that as you did at my 80's hair!!!

But for now, I'll just share a couple more layouts I did last week

BTW, to everyone that has commented, emailed or called over the last few days ~ thank you! It's amazing what a few good thoughts can really do!!! They're MUCH appreciated :)


Carol said...

LOVE the new albums!! I can't wait to see some of the "early" layouts. I know mine are really scary!

Wendy said...

I've been going through recently and trying to organize layouts. It is funny to see the older layouts. My thoughts are the "what was I thinking!"

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