Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more gifts...

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Yippee!! Both have Polar Express day which means p.j.'s. But my son's been sick since Monday night so I'm not sure if he's going yet. I'm thinking probably not.

I've finished up the last of the teacher gifts and the out-of-town grandparents gifts. Still a few things left to do but the bulk of it is done. I'm hoping to get caught up on my December Daily album as I'm a week behind on that! But, the great thing about that project is that if you get behind it doesn't really matter. Just catch up when you can!

Here's a few more gifts I worked on this week.

This is what I made for the grandparents. It's a "year in review" photo collage. I bought several 8x8 acrylic page frames last year and had planned on making a project with them and it just didn't happen. So I decided to pull them out this year.

Now, if I had Photoshop I could have easily pulled this together. But since I don't (hello, my computer is 7 years old!) I printed a bunch of 2x2 photos and cut them all out. Added some patterned paper, ribbon and number stickers and Voila! I kept it very simple so that it would fit nicely in the frame. If it were going in a shadow box type frame I would've had more wiggle room to add extras.

Here's what my daughter's teachers are getting

The hot chocolate was a pack of 3 I bought at Target for $8. I originally had planned on decorating the outside to match the card holder. But the more I looked at it the more I didn't want to cover up the cute snowmen! So I ended up just adding some ribbon and a snowflake. The card holder has 4 personalized notecards with envelopes.

Some of the other teachers (art, music, etc), school nurse & principal are getting these

Aren't these little boxes so cute?!! I found them at Hobby Lobby, 8 for $3. They're very small so they don't hold a lot. But I still managed to fit 1/2 dozen cookies in each one...wrapped in green saran wrap of course! All you need is a little ribbon to finish it off!

I'm planning on making some Oreo truffles to put inside for additional gifts.

And lastly, I made this Disney album for my friend Kris

She wanted this to give as a gift to a co-worker who's leaving for Disneyworld on Friday (lucky duck!)

Here's a few more pics of the inside

I have a few more projects I'm working on this week. Then next week we can sit back and eat lots and lots of Christmas cookies!

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3QTGUYS said...

I love it! And, I especially love that Disney Album!

Of course, I love all things Disney....but that little book is super cute!

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