Friday, December 5, 2008

3 1/2 more weeks...

Well, we found out today that my son has to have his cast on for 3 more weeks. Yep, that puts it to after Christmas. And since 3 weeks from today is the day after Christmas, we have to wait til that following Monday for his next dr appt. So that makes 3 1/2 more weeks.

I was really hoping he would be able to get this darn thing off today but his leg just isn't healing very fast. So, they took his other cast off and put a new one on. This time he picked holiday colors. He looks quite festive, don't ya think?! We've been looking all over for small crutches for him but no one has any. So it looks like his main modes of transportation remain mommy, his booty (doin' his butt scoot boogie as we call it!), and sometimes hobbling around. Man, I should be losing weight with all this added exertion I've had the last 3 1/2 weeks. I mean, this kid weighs about 44 lbs with that cast on! But, no such luck!

Anyway, I'll be back later with some pics from my Daily December album. Til then, here's a quick layout I did about today.


Carol said...

Awww, now he looks like a little elf!!

Tami said...

That's a bummer Michelle. I was hoping to see a post with his cast off. Poor baby and your poor back! Andrew weighs 45 lbs and I can't imagine hauling him around everywhere. It is a pretty cool looking cast though. ;-)

Loreluca said...

AW, man! Sorry to hear that he won't get the cast off before Christmas! That's a bummer!
But on the other hand, the new cast does look very festive. And the LO looks terrific!

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