Thursday, November 13, 2008

short lived hockey season

My son started hockey on Tuesday. Well, not really hockey. More like learning to skate! Look how excited he was!

He was doing so well, trying his best, doing what the coaches were telling him to do. Then he skated a few times on his own without the walker. He did it, fell, got right back up and tried again. Well, the second or third time he did that he fell....and broke his leg. Yep, my 4 year old has a broken leg. So after 2 hours in urgent care, and another 2 hours at the ER at the hospital, this is now the scene at our house:

And so the mommy guilt has started. I honestly never worried about him hurting himself like this. And quite honestly the coaches were shocked that he actually broke his leg. I mean, at this age and this level, they're just learning how to skate and handle a hockey stick. There are no "games" or really any kind of contact with other players. But, lesson learned I guess. I'm thinking that what might have helped cause this was the fact that his gear was so big on him that maybe he couldn't fall the right way cause he was so padded up. Who knows. You can't second guess these things.

So tomorrow we go see the orthopedic dr and he'll get a permanent cast on his leg, assuming it's healing properly and hasn't moved. The ER didn't put a regular cast on him in case his leg swells cause that would cut off circulation in his leg. So he's got a temp "cast" right now. And, needless to say, I've spent most of yesterday and today sitting right next to my brave little boy.


lauriec said...

OMG, poor boy! Don't blame yourself--you didn't put him in a dangerous situation--he had on protective gear, was learning w/ help, etc.

Sending lots of "fast healing" vibes.

Tami said...

Poor Ben! I still can't believe he broke his leg. I hope he heals fast and makes a quick recovery.

lovingmytwoboys said...

Poor Little Man! The boys are so upset they won't get to see him to write on his cast! Maybe we'll get to see you all soon! :)

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