Saturday, November 15, 2008

still recovering

It's been a long week in our house.

We've spent lots of time with Curious George (thanks Abby & Blake ~ he's Ben's new favorite buddy!)

We've spent lots of time coloring

and more coloring

We've spent lots of time trying to make this little guy feel better. He got his new cast on yesterday (a cool new blue cast!) and he seems to be feeling a little better. It was a bit painful getting the cast on but I imagine now that his leg can't move it must feel better. We still have the once a night wake up in pain moments but thankfully his medicine doesn't take too long to kick in.

I swear he weighs 10lbs more with this huge cast on. Not so great considering I have to carry him everywhere! And to make things worse I've been sick since Thursday night...fever, sore throat, headaches, the whole shebang. Great timing, let me tell ya.

And we've really realized this week just how many great friends we have. Friends that stop by to see how Ben's doing and call to check on him. Friends that have gotten Ben get well gifts (aka "keep him busy gifts!") ~ as you can see he's done a LOT of coloring!

We're very blessed.

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