Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Mark" the Herald Angels Sing!

Ok, I know the quality of this video is bad and you can't see a thing. But with this one, it's more about what you're hearing than what you're seeing. Here's a picture so you can get a visual

My kids were playing with the Little People nativity set under my son's Christmas tree singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". Only, my daughter was sing "Mark the Herald Angels Sing"! I mean, that in addition to singing the lyrics wrong had us cracking up standing outside in the hallway. Too cute! Don't you love sneaking up on them doing something cute?! Just when I think she's grown out of those cute kind of things (cause she's almost 7) she'll come up with something like this.

Enjoy and happy holidays :)

(BTW, be sure to turn off the music on the right first)


Kelly said...

my niece used to sing it that way too! I loved that. Great photo!!

Tami said...

Oh that is great!! LOL

Carol said...

hee hee! I had to laugh out loud ~ such cute memories.

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