Sunday, November 30, 2008

A muddy search for a tree

Well, the rain finally let up today so we headed out after church in search of our Christmas tree. I absolutely love having a real tree in the house. But thanks to the rain that fell down for 2 days straight we got super muddy. And since Ben still has his cast on and can't walk, we had to push him in a stroller through the mud. And get stuck. And push. And get stuck. Fun times! lol

This is it!
(yeah, and my daughter wore crocks ~ SO not good when walking in the mud!)

My son was less than thrilled to smile for the camera since the sun was in his eyes. I was lucky to even get this picture. Poor kid, I think he's getting pretty tired of that dang cast.

Me and my we've been called :) She'll probably hate that when she gets older!

But we ended up finding a tree. Not a big one. But one that was just perfect. I don't have it decorated yet. While putting the lights on it I discovered that my bubble lights have bit the dust. They work but there's all kinds of floaties inside the bulbs. Not sure what that is other than maybe they've just had enough Christmases and are ready to be retired. So, I'm off tomorrow in search of new bubble lights. I don't even remember where I bought the ones I have since I've had them for so many years.

Til then, my tree awaits some decorations...

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Tami said...

Pretty tree Michelle!

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