Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas?

Yeah, it's kinda hard to get in the Christmas spirit with the gloomy weather outside. It started yesterday when we came out of the movies and it's been raining all night and so far all day today. We had planned on going out to get our tree today but that's not looking too promising. Just when you think it's starting to lighten up, more rain comes down. And the idea of trecking through the mud with 2 kids, one of which has a cast and has to be in a stroller, isn't such a fun idea! Oh well, if it doesn't let up today we'll just decorate the house and the kids' trees and hopefully we'll get our family tree tomorrow! Let's hope!

I can't wait for Monday to start filling this up with photos:

It's a daily December album with a page for each day. I got the inspiration for this from Ali Edwards' blog. I can't wait to start filling it with memories!

I'll be sharing more pages as I start filling them up! I'm also making a similar one for ebay.

Well, I can hear my hubby bringing boxes down from the attic so I'm off to decorate the house :)

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