Friday, November 28, 2008

Cute movie

We don't take part in the shopping craziness of black Friday. Well, last year my hubby went out at 5am to get me a new printer cause mine had died. But we're not usually (ok, never) in the market for a big screen tv, or new video camera, or some expensive electronic gadget like that. And I catch a lot of good sales between October and December. So there's no sense in battling all the craziness to save $5.

Instead I took the kids out to see "Bolt". What a cute movie this was! I was laughing out loud numerous times during the movie. As with a lot of cartoons these days, some of the humor was lost on the kids. But my kids enjoyed it anyway. I especially loved the pigeons...there were New York pigeons, California pigeons and southern pigeons. And the hamster Rhino, he was great (and my favorite!)

My only complaint? Holy cow ~ the PRICE!!! I mean, in my opinion movie theater prices are a bit out of control anyway. But then you add the extra $2.50 charger per person for the 3-D glasses and holy cow, you're up to $27!!! And that was for a matinee ~ for 1 adult and 2 kids!! Does anyone else think this is absolutely ridiculous??!! Well, I can tell you that we won't be going to see another movie any time soon. Who can afford it! This is why we wait til most movies come out on DVD and we either rent them or if we think it's going to be a good movie I'll just buy it. I'm so glad it was a good movie. Cause if I would have paid nearly $40 (with popcorn) for a bad movie I'd be a wee bit irritated. I mean, for $27 I could have bought the movie twice!

But seriously, whether you go to the movies, rent or buy, this movie is very cute :)

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