Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sandcastle cake

I have one more non-scrappin' thing to share. I made this sandcastle cake for my son's preschool class today. They had "beach week" this week and they were having a beach party at school today. So I decided to make this sandcastle cake.

You'll have to excuse the lighting in these photos...they were taken at about 1am when I was finishing it up. Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a better photo in the morning in between getting the kids to school. The cake turned out cute...with the exception of the little bit of "taste testing" my son did on the side of the castle! When he saw the cake he said "that's cool mommy!" Can't get any better than that!

Oh well! No time to make a new one! The sand is crushed Nilla wafers.I thought the color was perfect since there were lighter and darker shades of tan, just like sand! I'm making another one of these cakes for a bbq on Saturday and I'm hoping to put some "water" along the outer edge. I'll be sure to share another photo!

BTW ~ thanks to my friend Beck who gave me this cake mold as a gift a couple years ago!! It worked out great :)


LaVon Baker said...

That is soooooooooo cool! Blessed children you have to have a mommy like you!

Becky said...

Hey, my name's on the internet... I'm famous! ha ha I'm glad you found a good excuse to use that, I've been wondering how the cake would look! (and it looks yuuuuummmmmy!)

mom to munchkinz said...

Too cute! I might have to borrow that pan from you one day!

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