Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my sentiments exactly

I don't like seeing Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving.

I don't like hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. 

I hate that Hobby Lobby (and many other stores) are out of all of their Christmas stuff before December even hits.

I don't like that everyone wants to skip Thanksgiving. Or it seems that way anyway.

I miss the days where you wouldn't see Christmas stuff (or hear the music on the radio) until turkey day.

For me it just takes away the excited anticipation of the Christmas season. And then you get to hear how everyone is 'sick of Christmas' before it even happens. That's sad.

Don't get me wrong, we put our lights up outside before Thanksgiving. We have to. I have so much decor that I put up inside and out that I just can't do it all in one weekend. 

So the outside stuff goes up the weekend before Thanksgiving and the inside including getting our tree happens Thanksgiving weekend. Although, now that I live somewhere that it snows I may have to change that timeline a bit! 

I love having all of my outdoor lights up ahead of time so that on turkey day (or night) I can turn the lights on and 'officially' start the Christmas season. But they don't go on before then. There's people around here who have had their lights up and on for the last week (or more).

I make a big deal out of it. I wait til it's dark and then we all go outside & light up the house. Thankfully it usually doesn't turn out like Clark Griswold where I'm freaking out at lights not turning on & attacking miniature reindeer ;)

Call me old fashioned. But I miss how it used to be :) 

Disclaimer - and if you're one of those people who turns on their lights early I am in no way criticizing you. I just miss the days when we used to wait for the Christmas season!


Michelle said...

I am with you! No Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving. Yes, if we put up lights, they would already be on. No fun putting them up when it is 20 degrees out, or if there is snow. So ours if we do it go up in early October. But they don't go on until after Thanksgiving. The only thing I do very early is Christmas shop. Mine is basically done!

Chelle said...

I agree. I hate that on November 1st the music is playing already. I think it should wait until December 1st.

mom22girls16 said...

I couldn't agree more. One of the neighboring towns where I live started putting up Christmas decorations a week before Halloween. Ridiculous!

Flor said...

My sentiments exactly!

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