Friday, September 9, 2011

3 months


is a very happy baby

loves to smile, coo, giggle, 'talk'

is trying to sit can see her head leaning forward in her carseat or bouncy seat trying to sit up

sucks on her fists so loud that you can hear from it across the room

still loves her binks
is now sleeping in her crib & I think enjoys sleeping on an actual mattress instead of her bassinet

loves her mobile & seems fascinated by it (my other 2 kids could've cared less about a mobile)

she sleeps mostly through the night & lately wakes up around 4-5am to eat

still eats about every 3hrs, sometimes longer
loves attention from her big brother & sister

sometimes fusses just so someone will come over & give her attention...she likes to do this while I'm trying to make dinner :)

weighs about 13lbs

still wears mostly 0-3 mos clothes except for pjs where she needs a size bigger for the length

hair is still getting lighter

is drooling a lot & I'm guessing she'll be an early teether like her sister (Olivia got her 1st tooth at 4 1/2 mos)
this photo cracks me up...her hair gets full of static from the couch! hehe

Happy Friday friends :)


Jen said...

so cute! They are growing up so fast! Violet will be 3 months in 2 weeks! She is also drooling like crazy! Makes me wonder if she will teeth early.

Traci said...

she is such a qt! can not believe how fast time flies, 3 months already!!! i bet u r loving every minute with her!

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