Monday, August 8, 2011

in the mailbox

new fabrics, yummy fabrics :)
can't wait to play with the Summer House fabrics!

cutie patootie baby gift for Addie thanks to Joyce from The Crochet Barn. Thanks again Joyce!!!

some fun new scrappy goodies (Authentique)

i couldn't resist these adorable Snoopy shirts for Addie for next summer purchased on zulily

early Christmas shopping (ssshhhhhh!!!)

some Melissa & Doug travel games from Olivia Place

I find it easier sometimes to just suck it up & pay a few dollars extra for shipping & have things delivered right to my door rather than trudge out to the stores with 3 kids (2 of which would would rather NOT be shopping during their summer vacation if yaknowwhatimean)

Of course, it's also easier to do this when you're Christmas shopping & said kids can't be around to see what you're buying ;) And some things you can only find online.
I like to buy on cause you get free shipping over $25 on most things. Plus, I can also use my swagbucks (see link on right --->) & the rewards from my amazon credit card.

So what's in your mailbox this week?? Anything good??


1 comment:

Kim's Treasures said...

Love the fabric and the things for Addie!!! I use Amazon all the time! I have been early Christmas shopping as well. Enjoy your day!


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