Monday, August 15, 2011

the food...oh the food

I have some fun Seattle pics to share with you but I thought I'd start with the food. Cause we had some good eats while we were there!

Before we left I read this post by Bakerella. And wouldn't you know it she went to a couple cupcake bakeries in Seattle recently! Well, I love me a good cupcake so I was sure to stop by both while we were there :)

First stop was Trophy Cupcakes. Talk about good awesome cupcakes! Check it out...

I'll take one of each please!! We picked 4 cupcakes & then split them up so we got to try them all.
Chocolate graham cracker, mint chocolate chip, red velvet & neopolitan.

I seriously wanted a set of their dishes :)

The cupcakes were soooo yummy. My fave was the graham cracker one...tasted like a super delicious s'more cupcake :) 
We called them feel-like-you're-gonna-puke-from-all-the-sugar-awesome-cupcakes. Hey, that should be their new tagline!
We also checked out Cupcake Royale. Not as many cupcakes to choose from but still super yummy :)
And then there's one of my all time favorite places to eat...The Cheesecake Factory. I hadn't eaten there in years. It had been too long!
I had yummy chicken teriyaki for dinner & then we had some chocolate mousse cheesecake for dessert. 
I also bought another piece of cheesecake to take back to the hotel...oreo cheesecake. It was gobbled up before a picture could be taken :)
And here's a few other places we ate...
Hard Rock Cafe. The kids had never been to one so I thought it'd be fun. 
 Thank you Seattle, Good Night!!

The food was very good but the atmosphere wasn't the same as others I'd been to (not as much memorabelia). The kids kept cracking up at one of the waitor's that had a really big 'fro. He was definitely rockin' the look with the big hair & the air guitar! hehe
My husband is not a seafood person but put up with my love of crab legs for just one night. And oh were they good!! Ben & I shared a big bowl of crab legs that they dumped right out on the table.
And I was happy to see my old friend again. Oh how I've missed Panera.
My kids had people cracking up cause they kept making comments like 'man, I've missed this! They have the best bagels!!' Yes they do!

I'm catching up on a few projects...Addie's birth announcements, thank you cards, Project Life to name few. More to come :)


Carol said...

Those cupcakes look so good :)Please tell me you didn't actually eat the potatoes and corn when you had all those crab legs in front of you! BTW, we are getting a Cheesecake Factory here!!!

Michelle said...

I haven't been to a Cheesecake Factory in a long time!!! Those cupcakes look just divine!! I am not sure if we have any fun bakeries like that.. never really looked for them before. Think I just may. :) Glad you enjoyed all the good food!

Mara... said...

Those cupcakes look amazing!!!!! I was drooling over Bakerella's blog, too. That is awesome you got to try some! Yummo!!

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