Monday, July 11, 2011

so yummy

I was at Target the other day & bought a new toy :)
I've been wanting one for years. And after years of hinting around & outright asking for one I finally decided to just buy one. And Target had this one on sale for $26 so I figured what the heck! I set it out on the back deck cause it was a bit loud.
But man oh man did it give us some yummy treats! After it was done churning the ice cream was the equivalent of a milkshake. And you can bet that we didn't wait for the ice cream to harden before we ate some ;)
And this morning it was just we had some more for breakfast. Ok, we had pancakes first & then some ice cream! hehe
How can you resist??? Next up - rocky road!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Ice cream is my fav thing to eat and I have been wanting an ice cream maker for the longest time. If I had one, I'd be making ice cream all the time. :)

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