Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and so the list making begins...or continues

(This photo has nothing to do with this post other than I thought it was funny & wanted to share. Our puppy is such a nut! And yes, that is how he sleeps sometimes.)

I should say more list making. Because I've already begun the lists for the baby...what I need to get now, later, etc.
And now a 2nd set of lists have begun. What we need to do to the house to sell. 
What things I want to take with me as opposed to letting the movers pack. What we need to sell/get rid of. Things to do before we move (change accounts, painting, fixing stuff, etc). 

Thankfully we've been able to knock several things off the 'to do to the house' list & today our house will be 'officially' on the market.

This is what my bedroom looked like the other day in the middle of painting:

And now (thank God!):
Does everyone have Christmas boxes under their bed like I do?? Just checking...

I really want to paint my bedroom a smoke blue like in my duvet cover but I guess that will have to wait til the next house.

One of those things that still needs to be done...fix the roof. We discovered a leak last week. So *not* what I wanted to find right now. Thankfully it's something relatively minor & we're just waiting for the roofers to come back out & fix it up.

This week alone I have 6 appts set up for misc things...realtor, septic inspection, home inspection, movers' site survey (i.e. how much crap do we have to pack up & how long will it take) etc etc etc. Lots to do because this transfer is through my husband's job which equals 10x as many hoops to jump through.

This is all in between baseball practices & soon to be games, school, all the regular day to day stuff.

So many things to do in the upcoming months. 

It's funny, we're going to be so busy in the next 2-4 months that I foresee once we move & settle in it'll seem awfully calm...even with a newborn in the house.

I was already feeling the need to clean & purge before I ever got pregnant. Pregnancy magnified that feeling & now moving triple magnified that feeling. Especially since we're selling a house in a bad economy which may mean downsizing. I'm totally fine with that. I'm not a person that needs a super fancy big house with all the bells & whistles. But it still means some adjustments. I don't want to have a ton of crap to move into a potentially smaller house! So we're already trying to figure out what needs to go before the big move...and thankfully we have a bunch of it already sold (or people who are ready to buy it when we move).

What makes me feel a bit better is that fact that I'm finding homes in our lowered price range in the areas we want (or think we want) so we hopefully will get a house that similar in size to the one we have now (which is pretty average). But only time will tell.

So, expect to see me doing some giveaways here on the 'ol blogeroo and probably some stuff for sale. I've already taken a bunch to my thrift shop booth but there's still more to get rid of!


Carol said...

And I thought you were going to make Dave take down the growth chart?!

Carol said...

*Squeal!* I saw scrapbook retreat on your calendar! Can. Not. Wait!
BTW, leave some baby stuff for the rest of us to buy :)

Grandma K said...

I think the puppy pic caption should read: OH NO, not again! and don't even think of trying to sell my bed.

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