Wednesday, January 19, 2011

does this baby make my butt look big?

My favorite pregnancy shirt. Love it! I bought it right after I found out I was pregnant. Although, sometimes it makes me feel like everyone is staring at my boobs & laughing. Well, I guess in a way they are!! hehe

I wore this shirt while I was in Disney. And there was a young guy that saw it & just started laughing & said 'that shirt is great!'

And when we went to one of our character breakfasts the waitress was laughing as I walked by after reading my shirt...but she was laughing more at my husband who was motioning with his hands at just how big of a butt I had! She just shook her head & said 'that's not right!" hehe When you wear a shirt like this one it just lends itself to jokes! 

Btw, I'm 18 weeks today! Feeling great for the most part. Nausea still rears it's ugly head now & then. And some days I feel like I'm being tickled from the inside ;)


Kim's Treasures said...

Great shirt and you look great in it! Glad to hear you're feeling good for the most part!

Chelle said...

Great shirt. I had one that it looks like the baby's feet are kicking out of the shirt.

Judy K said...

The next shirt should say: Does this hubby make my but look big.

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