Saturday, January 15, 2011

a bunch of useless ramblings...

both of my dogs snore. and they both sleep in my room. my husband snores, too. and you guessed it...he sleeps in my room, too. this leads to a lot of elbow poking and 'hey, jesse, tucker, wake up!'
and yes, Jesse always crosses her paws when she lays down like that. she's very lady like ;)

my van door refused to close Wednesday morning - as we're about to leave for the 1st day of school after the Christmas break & 2 snow days - after the van had already been warmed up - when we had just 15 min to get to school. needless to say we had to take the truck which was not warmed up. needless to say - again - we were late.

my living room is finally cleared of all the toys from Christmas. i did not clean them up before we left for Disney. the only thing that came down was the tree because it was turning into a fire hazard. my son's tree is down but there's still boxes in there...and much organization to be done

my daughter's tree is still up in her room. i'm thinking i may just leave it up til next Christmas.
even more organization is needed for her room. she's such a packrat.

i think laundry multiplies when you go on a trip. i'm convinced of it. one day i'll prove it.

i have realized after our icy week that i don't think i would like living up north anymore. i like snow. i don't like temps over 100. but i don't think i would like months and months of this cold.

and this little dude:

has gone from 13lbs to 30lbs in just 2 short months & thinks that it is ok to just jump up on the furniture for a snooze...

and when i'm at the computer you will always find him right next to me at my feet. he does the same thing when i'm crafting...right under my chair or just next to it.
I think we'll keep him ;)

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Jenn said...

oh, he's adorable! How can you say no to that face?

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