Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas cards through the years

Do you keep Christmas cards that people send to you every year? Or do you pitch 'em? I hate to throw them away. They're so pretty and for every card that ends up in my mailbox someone took the time to send it out to my family. And I would really hate to throw away those adorable photo cards.

So this is my solution:

I punched a hole in the top corner of each one, added a big ring and made it into a Christmas book that I can have out on my side table. I don't put all of the cards in it...mostly the photos, photo cards, letters & favorite cards (usually the funny ones!). I added a small divider for each year and I also put the date on the backs of those that didn't have one...just in case they get mixed up.
Now I had planned on showing you a few more ideas today. But with my daughter being sick all craftiness had to go out the window and instead I've spent part of the day disinfecting the house. I'm running on about 4 hrs sleep so at some point I foresee myself crashing...hard! Photobucket


Grandma K said...

Hey, now that's something even us non-crafters can handle and it looks really cute! Better catch some zzzzZZZZZZ if you can.

Chelle said...

That is an awesome idea. I hope your daughter gets better soon.

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