Monday, November 1, 2010

the vampire & the army dude

We went trick or treating on Saturday. Because apparently people in our neck of the woods determined that it was 'easier' to change the day of Halloween. I didn't like it. You should trick or treat on Halloween. But that's my view...I'm stubborn that way ;)

This year we had a vampire (vampiress??) and an army dude. 
The vampire tried to bite the army dude...
...and his dad
But we talked her out of it. She's quite the dramatic vampire, dontcha think?! hehe
Of course, living in a military town we should have briefed Ben on exactly what his rank was. Cause he got questioned by a few 'real' army dudes! hehe
We went trick or treating in a friend's neighborhood. At one point some people (adults) were hiding in the bushes scaring people. I fell for it. Big time!
And it wouldn't be Halloween night without ending the evening going through all your loot!


Chelle said...

They talked about changing the day here as well..except it is hard to make sure that everyone knows. Besides I agree..we grew up doing it on the 31st and my kids can too. LOL

Kim's Treasures said...

The kids looked great and yes they should have went out on Halloween!

I posted how to add a link to the bottom of your blog button.

Mara... said...

Your kiddies look great!! I really can't believe they changed the day for trick or treating, that's just weird. Looks like they got lots of good loot!!

Traci said...

love the costumes!

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