Wednesday, October 27, 2010

getting ready - By Hand Boutique

It's getting closer. Just over 2 weeks til the By Hand Boutique. I'm excited! It's been several years since I've done a craft fair. I just love getting around all the crafty types...problem is, I end up shopping at their booths! I've already been eying a few things from the artists they've featured so far ;)

I'm also doing a small craft fair here in town this Saturday. I'm so behind on everything. All I want to do is sleep!!!

But back to By Hand Boutique. I wanted to mention a couple things. First, I'm their featured 'artist' over on the blog today. You can click here to check that out :)
And, more importantly, they are giving away Boutique Bucks. More specifically you can win $25 in Boutique Bucks to be used at the event! You can click here for all the details!!

1 comment:

Kim's Treasures said...

Wishing you lots of sales and lots of sleep when the craft fairs are over!

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