Monday, November 15, 2010

in love with this sweet boy

How could you not love that face??? The minute I saw him I was in love. But I am a sucker for a retriever ;) I've missed that face in this house since we lost our Schuby in July. And yes, I love Jesse (my other dog). But it's not the same.

So here's the story of how this pup came to be a part of my family. My friend Kellie was up in Chattanooga visiting family & she called me yesterday & said that someone had retriever puppies. Apparently the mama was just left so someone took her in and eventually the pups. Kellie knows how I love retrievers :) Anyway, at first she told me they were Irish Setter/Lab mixed. but when she sent me a pic of the momma I said 'that's not an Irish Setter, that's a golden!' Oh how I wanted her, too! And so did Kellie. Look how sweet she is...
Anyway, somehow I managed to talk my sweet hubby into letting Kellie bring one of the pups home to me. Now, my husband is not a spur of the moment kind of guy. So for him to say yes....well, it still makes me smile :)
And this pup?? He is the sweetest ever. He loves to snuggle. He's so far, no accidents in the house or in his crate last night. 
Oh, and I also had another ultrasound today and little peanut is doing well - about 2cm long. Almost an inch!! Heartbeat was great. 

It's been a really good day. I feel so blessed. My heart is so happy after such a hard year. God has been good to me...through the bad and the good :)


Natosha said...

Oh my gosh, he's adorable!! What is his name?

Also, yay for growing babies!!!

Crafty Mom said...

He is soooo incredibly, absolutely adorable. Glad the baby is growing well!

Lifeaswearelivingit said...

He looks so happy and that makes my heart happy too. My own little "Thanksgiving Story." He could not have found a better home. I can vouch for that!!!!!!!!!! Home sweet home little fellow.

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh is he cute! I bet your over the moon!

Jill said...

What a wonderful week! You deserve all this happiness! :) I could just eat that puppy up! TOO adorable!

Lisa said...

What's his name? My golden, Tucker, says "woof woof!"

lauriec said...

He is absolutely adorable! We're looking for another dog (lost Libby in July as well), but I know I'm just not ready yet.

Glad to hear little peanut is doing well!

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