Sunday, November 14, 2010

i'm back, i'm exhausted, but i had fun

I got back last night from doing the By Hand Boutique. My daughter went with me so we could have some 'girl time' and we had a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people and also someone who, as she put it, is one of my 'blog stalkers' ;) Hey Jodi! I'm sure I probably spelled your name wrong but it was great meeting you! 

Here's a few pics from the event:
Can you tell Olivia enjoyed herself? Here's her rag blankets she worked on. (They're $30 if anyone is interested in the. My fave is the Rudolph has all the characters on it!)
My daughter also made a new friend:
Saturday I was sooo exhausted. Being 8+ weeks preggo is tiring enough without driving 3hrs & doing a craft fair. But add to that a 5:30 wake up call in your hotel via the fire alarm and you tend to be even more tired. We all went outside, waited for the firetrucks to arrive, then got to go back in around 6:10. Let me tell ya, the fire alarm in a hotel is LOUD. You can't ignore it. You can't just hang out in your room til they turn it off. That is, unless you want to suffer permanent hearing loss. I gotta tell ya, I learned a lot about my neighbors standing outside in the parking lot in our pjs! 

Anyway, I have lot of cleaning to do. My house looks like a cyclone came through thanks to neglect from me working on all of my craft projects. I'll share some of those this week and a few of the leftovers will be making their way to my etsy shop :)

Oh, and another Whitlow household surprise...we're adding another member to our family. This little dude is arriving at our house in about an hour.
Isn't he sweet??? I'll share more about him later. It wasn't anything that was planned so we've had to quickly get ready for his arrival. Never a dull moment in this house, I tell ya!!


Virginia said...

I'm so glad you came! Great photos! And that last little dude is ADORABLE!

Kim's Treasures said...

Glad you had a good time with your daughter despite the lack of sleep!

Traci said...

the craft fair looked like fun!! tiring for sure on your part. awesome your daughter went along too!
congrats on the new family addition! we so want a dog at our house too, so we shall see.
take care!

Jodi said...

Oh my goodness....oh my goodness......I feel like I won a prize! An honorable mention on one of my favorite was really great meeting you too!

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