Thursday, September 23, 2010

thrifty thursday - girly lamp makeover

About the same time I was redoing my daughter's dresser I was also looking for a lamp that I could redo to match her room (i.e. hot pink). I had found a lamp on clearance over at Walmart that would work but then right after that I cam across this lamp on clearance over at Lowes.
14 bucks for the lamp and shade. Good deal considering I didn't have to go and buy a can of spray paint for 3 bucks (since I was out of pink after the doll bed makeover).

But I needed to make this lamp a little bit more girly :) So I found some hot pink sheer fabric on sale over Joann's. I didn't need much. But then I found a defect in the fabric so I ended up getting the fabric for less than 2 bucks. Score!! Always ask for a discount (if they don't offer one) on something that's defective (if you don't mind the defects, which I don't!). That's how I got a good deal on my charcoal grill.

Anyway, so I spread the fabric out and gathered it at a few points & tied some thread around those spots like this...
Does anyone else use their washing machine as their hot glue station?? Just me?? Ok then...

Then I clipped it to the lamp shade to see where I would want them. When I got them where I wanted them I hot glued them to the lamp shade.
Then I found these cute little crystal buttons that I glued to the gathered spots. They were only a couple bucks.
And that's it! Super simple, super easy. Just a quick way to spruce up a boring lamp for one sweet little girl :) And that little butterfly clothespin is something she already had that looks cute on her lamp!

Here's what I have coming up in the next few weeks:
inexpensive Fall wreath
DIY pegboard jewelry organizer
decorative fabric baskets

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Jen said...

Love it! I want to re-do my bedside lamps. I just re-did a desk and 4 picture frames! Thanks to you, I want to make a burlap fall wreath SO bad!

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