Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This cute little guinea pig has certainly become a part of this family. I had no idea a guinea pig could be so cute and personable. He now makes the piggy noises when he hears our voices or if he hears some plastic rustling (cause he knows his food is in a bag that sounds like that). He even climbs up at the door opening to get some treats.
I know it's hard to tell, but that pink thing in the background is his little igloo that he hangs out in (I know, he's a boy, but he's owned by one very pinkalicious girl! hehe) Anyway, he actually lifts up on it in the little doorway and moves it around to wherever he wants. Sometimes he moves it to the center of his cage. What a cute little stinker!! 

I know the pictures aren't the best. I didn't have time to figure out the right setting as I'm trying to take pics and give him a treat at the same time ;)

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Kellie said...

Bugsy makes me miss my little guinea pig. Abby has begged for one but we have no time to take care of one. Maybe one day. He is so cute!!!!

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