Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm never gonna get my grocery shopping done

So this week I've tried twice now to get to the grocery store. And twice I've had my morning's altered. Let's see, yesterday I was going to do a few errands and just when I got into town my friend Kellie called and we ended up meeting at Panera for breakfast...and chatting :) Then we ran over to Joann's to pick up some material for a burlap wreath we're both going to make this week (more on that later!) By the time we got done with that it was time to go pick up the kids from school and then we had gymnastics & dance classes (the kids, not me of course!)

So today I was going to get my shopping done. I swung by Panera to grab something to eat before running to the grocery store when I ran into my friend Carol. So we sat & chatted for several hours. But at least we were a little productive...we ran over to Gold's Gym and signed up. We're taking our first class tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! I've never done kickboxing. And I'm not what you would consider "coordinated" by any stretch of the imagination! Should be fun, though. I have 20 pounds, mostly around my midsection, that must come off!

Despite the fact that I haven't done any grocery shopping I managed to whip up one of my favorite things for dinner ~ grilled ham. I found the recipe on Allrecipes and I've made it dozens of times. You can find the recipe here. The only thing I do differently is that I usually use horseradish sauce instead of pure horseradish. It's not quite as strong as the real thing and it's usually what I have on hand anyway. Super yummy!!

And for those girls out there who don't know how to work their bbq grill ~ LEARN! I'm surprised at how many of my friends don't know how to work a grill....ahemcoughKellieahemcough ;) I'm usually the one grilling in our house. For one, I love grilling and I love grilled food. I grill 12 months a year....even when we lived in Michigan. Yes, we've grilled in the snow! It's actually kinda fun. Make a path over to the grill and the heat keeps you warm! hehe And I can't always wait for my husband to come home and do it cause he's not always home early. 

So that's that! Happy hump day :)


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Kellie said...

Hey! Did I see my name in there? Now that we have the new grill I promise to make a point to learn. First, I am going to try your beer chicken. Yum! We all can't be Martha Stewart! HAHA Love Ya!

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