Friday, January 22, 2010

favorite Disney moments

So, even though we were only at Disney for 4 days and at the parks for 3, I still managed to take a ton of photos. Around 600 to be exact. God I love my new camera!! But rather than bore you with all of them I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments from our trip :) 

The Mad Hatter kept staring at Ben and made a comment to Olivia "why does he keep staring at me like that??!!" When Ben looked away he yelled "I win!!!" That Mad Hatter, he was quite funny!

(1900 Park Fare character breakfast ~ Grand Floridian)

Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Need I say more??

I tried to take pics of the top half of the castle because some idiots people kept standing while everyone around them was sitting. Don't they realize that if everyone is sitting on the ground everyone gets a good view??? Some people... 

(Have I said how much I love my new camera?? Imagine how good I could be once I actually know what I'm doing!! ha!)

Watching my almost 6 yr old son play it cool around some pretty fairies like Tinkerbell, Silvermist & Rosetta. So cute to watch!

Dancing with Flik at Animal Kingdom

And the safari, always so much fun

We've done this safari during 3 different trips to Disney and this one was the best by far, and all because of the driver. At one point we went over a bridge that "almost collapsed" and the driver yelled "Lean to the right!! Save the driver!! Lean to the right!! Oh, I mean, is everyone ok??" hehe, he was great!

During a parade one of the army guys from Toy Story yelled out to Olivia "hey there Minnie!" Olivia pointed to herself as if to say "who me??" He said "yeah you, get up and dance!" So she proceeded to get up and shake it and as they were passing by he said "Now that girl knows how to party!!" hehe, it was great!

(Hollywood Studios Block Party Bash)
Disney rice krispie treats....mmmm....

Ok, that might not be one of my "favorite Disney moments" but they sure were good!!

Fun times. Oh how I love Disney for it's magic. That wonderful magic that takes you to a place that you don't ever want to leave!



Anonymous said...

WOW your trip looked great!!!! we are planning a trip in May 2010... did you go to Bibbity Bobbity Boo... for the princess makeover.???

Michelle said...

We did the BBBoutique last time and it was wonderful. I only did the hair & make up pkg & brought a surprise princess dress for my daughter (that I managed to find online on sale). Otherwise the pkg with the dress is nearly $200. It was a lot of fun, my daughter loved it! Make sure you RSVP for that now. They have one at the MK and Downtown Disney.

Kellie said...

I looks like you all had so much fun. I can't wait!!!!!

Tami said...

The firework photos are awesome! Glad to hear you are lovin' your new Canon. :-)

Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

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