Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!!

The meatballs & ham are in the crock pots (different ones of course!), the stockings are hung, presents are wrapped and the kids' Christmas pjs are almost finished. I've been doing my best to get things done before the big day. And in between making sure to do fun things with the kiddos and trying to fight this head cold or whatever it is that has been making me feel like crap since Monday.

I'm a bit behind on my December Daily but that's ok. I'll get that finished in the next week and I'll share pics. I'll also share pics of our countdown chalkboard above.

Tonight we'll go to the children's liturgy at church and the kids will dramatize the story of the birth of Jesus. We have a shepherd and an angel in the family this year :) The kids look forward to it. It's a nice way to start Christmas.I wish you all a wonderful & blessed Christmas!

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