Monday, November 16, 2009

on the mend

Well, it turned out that Olivia didn't need surgery. Her right lung is still pretty sick but she's slowly but surely getting better. Thankfully they were able to put in a PICC line so she hasn't had to get poked anymore (which she loves, let me tell ya!) It is looking like she might be able to come home tomorrow as long as they can get some home care set up for her. She'll be on IV antibiotics for probably another 2 weeks. It is still amazing to me that this all was a secondary infection from having the flu. It's common to get pneumonia (or "yamonia" as Olivia calls it!) from the flu but not quite this serious. We're still waiting for the results of her xray today so we're hoping it's a little better.

Thank you so much for your prayers. As worried as I was this week, the other families in this hospital were never far from my mind. A lot of families who won't have such an "easy" outcome. Please pray for them. It is so difficult to see your child in pain.


katievu21 said...

Yea! So glad to hear that Olivia is starting to mend. I hope that her meds continue to work and that she soon can go home to where she's more comfortable.

Christyn said...

so glad to hear she's on the mend, have been thinking about the two of you lots!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Olivia is on the road to recovery.... We will continue to pray for her and your family.

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