Friday, November 13, 2009

keep those prayers coming!

I have been SO uplifted by all of your prayers for my daughter. It's truly amazing just how many people are praying for her. We originally thought she'd be going into surgery today but the drs have decided to hold off for at least another day to see if the antibiotics can do their magic. Now that we've gotten some bloodwork back we know just what kind of bacteria it is and they've changed her meds so I'm praying that this might do the trick. However, the surgeons still may decide to take her in for surgery this weekend. As you can imagine I'm feverently praying that this will not happen. Please continue to pray for Olivia. Your prayers are working!!! 


katievu21 said...

I really hope the new meds work so they can avoid surgery. I'll keep praying!

Kelly said...

Continued prayers for all of you! Hang in there!

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