Thursday, October 29, 2009

how you know it's almost Halloween...

there are costumes, accessories, make-up, etc laying all over the house

the kitchen looks like a cyclone blew through it....then came through a second time and left bits of candy corn and spider legs all over the countertops

the mother of the house (aka ME) is staying up late getting treat bags ready for the kids' classes

last minute prep for classroom parties are going on, lists are being made, and momma is wondering how she's going to get all of this stuff into school tomorrow while climbing through hallways of kids in the morning rush

kids are finding it hard to sleep because they are so excited for all of the Halloween fun!

Yes, it's been busy around here. I've made 20 spider cupcakes, 20 pretzel skeleton fingers, 18 treat bags, scarecrow crunch, Halloween punch, supplies for scarecrow cookies, yadda yadda yadda.

And because I can't do a post without a photo.....and I love sharing Halloween treats, I'll share a few of my goodies that I made this week.

These little guys were veeeery time consuming (20 cupcakes = 160 spider legs) but I think you can see they were worth it. Got the idea here. I couldn't find truffles so I used mini Reeses cups instead. And the eyes were some Wilton confetti sprinkles I had in the cabinet already. 

Just an FYI, if you make these keep the legs refrigerated before assembling. That way the chocolate stays stiff and they won't fall apart. I only had 3 leg casualties :) hehe

I also made these cute skeleton fingers

Again, if you have to make a lot they can be very time consuming. Ideally I would buy multiple molds and that way you could crank out a bunch at once. But I'm cheap and only bought one! And I used one of those squeeze bottles for the chocolate. That made things go a lot easier. But a hint...don't try to melt the chocolate in the bottle (by holding it in a bowl of hot water) as the directions say on the back. It takes fooooorrreverr. I melted mine like normal and then put it in the bottle.

So what kind of spooky concoctions are you planning this Halloween??



Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

These all look delicious. In honor of sharing all of your ideas, projects and creativity I am passing along the Kreativ Blogger award to you. I'll be posting a link to my blog shortly!

Carol said...

Just and FYI, I intent on enrolling in school again. More specifically, the same class as your child!! Those look fabulous :)

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