Thursday, September 17, 2009

a little bit of this and a whole lot of that

Can you believe I haven't posted to the ol' blogeroo in several days?? I know, not like me. What can I say other than life gets you busy sometimes. We're still finishing up some painting.

I've been working on painting this furniture white:

I finished the side table and painted the drawer knobs pink :) but then it's been raining all week and I've had to hold off on the bed. To be honest, that's a big job so I really didn't mind.

Found some some great deals at Target this week. Got this messenger bag for my daughter for 5 bucks:

I always buy school backpacks when Target marks them down 75% off. I think this one was originally $20 or $25. Now, my daughter probably won't even use this next year but when she needs a new bag...she has one. Also found this cute Halloween book:

Got those leaves on sale at Hobby Lobby for 5 bucks. I have plans for fireplace mantle is really needing a fall spruce up. I'm hoping to talk my hubby into taking my Halloween stuff out of the attic....just before he fogs it. I keep having ant problems off and on for the last couple months so thanks to my bug guy we're resorting to the big guns! bye bye ants!!

Made a trip to Yankee Candle and got some fall candles with my buy one get one free coupon.

This one has vanilla cupcake & pumpkin pie. Mmmmm yummy!! Oh, and I got some bleeding candles there, too. Can't wait to see what those look like!!!

And then there's these babies that I found at various stores that are giving me some inspiration thanks to the Nester.

That's about it. Totally random I know. But I'll be back with more scrappy stuff this week, I promise!! But for now I'm gonna go make some Halloween pancakes for dinner and settle in with some Vampire Diaries & Supernatural after the kiddos go to bed!!


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