Thursday, September 10, 2009

homework jar

We're a month into the school year and the thing that I dread the most is homework. Not because it's difficult. Not because my kids get a ton (yet). But because I always have an issue with homework when it comes to my daughter. You'd think she'd be used to it, that she'd not whine about it and just do it. But I guess that's a lot to ask of a 7 yr old girl. And believe me, her homework is not too hard for her so it's not an issue of difficulty.

Anyway, I've tried punishments, I've tried being calm (Lord knows I constantly try to be calm with her when she takes 3x as long to do homework as it should because the majority of that time is spent whining). Sooooo, I've decided to pay her for her homework.

I know what some of you may be thinking.

But hear me out.

Her "job" right now is to be a good student. And why shouldn't she expected to get paid for doing her job well?? Now, at her school they get ice cream on Friday's which costs 50 cents. Up until this point I've been just giving her the money. But we've changed things up a bit. Now, every day that she does her homework well ~ without whining ~ she gets 25 cents. At the end of the week she'll have $1.25 and she can use 50 cents of that for ice cream and she can keep the rest.

And in this way she earns a treat at the end of the week for a job well done.

So far it's working. And she's very proud of herself for earning her money. And you know what?? There's less whining. Alleluia!!!!

This is the jar I decorated up to hold her money. It sits on the kitchen counter and every day we get to add her quarter. I just grabbed a small mason jar and used some scraps from a Noel Mignon kit from a month or 2 ago. I wanted a smaller jar (and one that's not glass) but I didn't have one around. So this will do for now.

I decorated a clothespin to hold the bingo card on the jar. That way I can put it on a smaller jar if I find one. I wanted it to look cute because, after all, it will be sitting on my kitchen counter for the next 9 mos!

So does anyone else have an issue with homework??


Virginia said...

Would you believe I'm ALREADY dreading the homework battles? Yeah, I apparently like to borrow worry... *rolling eyes at myself*

I LOVE your idea, and it's executed so beautifully too! I have a thing about mason jars... can't have enough cute jars around the house! What a great incentive too- I'd do homework for ice cream! :)

Rita said...

Great idea! Love how it turned out! Nick is in 4th grade and hw is a daily battle for us as well. He spends more time arguing/complaining about it than it would take him to complete it. He's had hw the first 2 days of school, so I may have to lift this idea to make it through the year!

Nicole said...

We haven't had a problem yet, but then we are only 3 days into the school year *LOL* but last year was dreadful!!! So thank you for sharing this great idea. I will be "borrowing" it if/when the whinning begins!

Carol said...

OMG!!! I love this idea. Might have to lift it.

Christyn said...

Incentives always work better than consequences, great idea!


That's a great idea Michelle! I'll set one up at my house and have hubby pay ME for each load of laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, etc. lol! Good luck to you and Olivia!

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