Friday, August 7, 2009

window "mistreatments" mistake

I know a lot of you know The Nester. If you don't, you really need to check her out. She does such cool things with decorating. She's the Martha Stewart for the rest of us. You know, those of us who don't know how to sew, who don't want to (or can't) spend a ton of money on decorating, who don't like (or want) things "perfect". Cause you know, like she says "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." AMEN!! That's my same philosophy for scrapbooking.

I've been browsing through her blog for a while now. And I loved her as she calls it window mistreatments. This is one of the posts that I was looking at. And I immediately thought ooh, I wanna do that. Or better yet...I can do that!

photo from Nesting Place

My scrap room has needed something on the window. And I've left it empty since I repainted and reorganized 7 months ago. Holy crap, it's been that long?? By the way, I'm in the process of changing my room around. I'll share pics of that soon. Anyway... I'd been thinking I wanted black & white toile fabric. It goes great with my wall color and better yet if I change the wall color it'll match just about anything. I found some fabric at Hobby Lobby (30% off thankyouverymuch) and some cute black trim with tassels (40% off thankyouverymuch again) and set off to recreate The Nester's curtains. Only I wanted a valance for my room, not full length curtains (but I am gonna try the full length ones in my dining room...that's for later). I figured the idea would still work.

I realize the pics aren't the best. This room is one of the hardest rooms in my house to photograph. Either it's too bright or not enough light. I wasn't going to fool with the lighting.

When I was putting the material up I started with The Nester's poof method and then when I was putting the second piece of material up I clipped it up "wrong" and noticed that I really liked how it turned out.

Ok, how cute is this little pom pom fringe?? It just made me giggle putting it up. Don't you love when window treatments do that to you?? I seriously need to get a life.

It's hard to tell, but the "poof" part is actually tucked behind and makes the valance kind of scallop. Sorry, I don't know any "technical" terms. I already admitted I don't really know how to sew. One of these days.

And yes, I used a hot glue gun for that trim. No sewing. Love it. You can check out what someone else did with this same concept. The Writer Chic made some cute window mistreatments for her bedroom.

And to The Nester ~ thanks for the inspiration!!!

Now if I could just figure out how to do something like this in my house:

photo from Nesting Place


Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Your mistreatments turned out great! Aren't you proud of yourself? I also love the fabric AND the fringe. Great job! Donna

Kristen said...

I LOVE it!

I also wanted to introduce myself. I just started following you because I love your scrapbooking layouts, pictures of your adorable kids, and you even have my favorite quote on your blog!

sarah said...

wow great inspiration! thanks for sharing! :)


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